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Welcome to STOLENZ.

Burglary and theft in New Zealand continues to be an on going problem that effects businesses and the public alike. The current level of burglary represents, on average, one occurrence every eight minutes. Victims of burglary regard it as an intense invasion of privacy, not withstanding the loss of any property that is stolen.

STOLENZ' Management have been involved in the Investigation and Security industry in New Zealand and Australia for over 20 years. During those years it has become apparent that there is no national public register of stolen property. STOLENZ is a response to the need for a single comprehensive database available to the New Zealand general public and business community. Now anyone can advertise stolen or lost items, and with the power of the Web alert future purchasers that these items are stolen.  

Our mission at STOLENZ is to provide the New Zealand public and business community with an Internet based advertising, investigative and security resource that will assist in the recovery of stolen property and the protection of assets. Visitors can freely inspect by category registered items of stolen and lost property.

If you have any queries please visit our FAQ’s section for additional information or should you wish to advertise your business contact info@stolenz.co.nz 

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