Wheel clamps & Trailer Coupling Locks & Security Cables

  • Triangle Wheel clamp
    Car security : parking offences
    NZ$285.00 excl GST
  • High Security Disc Clamp
    wheel clamp for mag wheels and alloys fit 10" - 18" rim - Tyres width 110mm to 265mm - easy fit
    NZ$368.00 EA
    NZ$282.90 EA
    NZ$246.00 excl GST
  • SAS Wheel Clamp 08 inch
    wheel clamp - fit tyres up to 200mm wide - idel for trailers
    NZ$368.00 EA
    NZ$284.00 EA
    NZ$246.96 excl GST
  • SAS Wheel Clamp 11 inch
    wheel clamp - fits 200mm - 275mm wide tyres
    NZ$379.50 EA
    NZ$308.20 EA
    NZ$268.00 excl GST
  • Alloy Wheel Clamp Small
    Designed for mag wheels - rubber mounted - fit 140mm wide tyre to 185mm wide
    NZ$265.00 excl GST
  • Alloy Wheel Clamp Large
    Designed for mag wheels - Rubber mounted - fit 185mm wide tyre to 255mm wide tyre
    NZ$309.00 excl GST
  • Trailer Coupling Locks
    Trailer coupling locks prevent your trailer from being removed from your car - Stainless steel pin
    NZ$86.25 EA
    NZ$63.25 EA
    NZ$55.00 excl GST
  • Trailer lock
    Trailer coupling lock - Keep your car and trailers relationship secure
    NZ$29.00 excl GST
  • Universal Trailer Coupler Lock
    Easy to install and remove ; fit 48mm to 51mm & most 59mm couplings
    Advanced locking mechanism
    NZ$75.00 excl GST
  • 1.8m Braded Cable
    1.8m braded steel cable : 10mm diameter
    NZ$40.00 excl GST
  • 4.5m Braded Cable
    4.5m braded steel cable 10mm diameter
    NZ$78.00 excl GST
  • Locking Cable - Security Locking Cable
    1.8m High security locking cable - Ideal for trailer - Jet ski - Motor bike security
    NZ$86.25 EA
    NZ$75.00 excl GST
  • Python Adjustable Locking Cable
    World's first fully adjustable locking cable
    NZ$86.25 EA
    NZ$75.00 excl GST
  • SAS Lock & 2 Key
    SAS lock that fits all three wheel clamps
    NZ$43.70 EA
    NZ$38.00 excl GST
  • Outboard Motor Lock
    Protect your out board motor from theft - With SAS stainless steel motor locks
    NZ$96.99 EA
    NZ$84.34 excl GST
  • SAS Allen Keys
    suitable for use with all SAS Wheel Clamps
    NZ$20.70 EA
    NZ$18.00 excl GST
  • SAS Hub Cover
    SAS Hub cover suitable for use with all SAS wheel clamps
    NZ$35.65 EA
    NZ$31.00 excl GST
  • Chain with Intergrated Lock
    900mm chain lock: tough square links: Hardened Steel Chain : Nylon Cover : 10mm Diameter links
    NZ$90.00 excl GST
  • Ground Anchor Lock
    Used in conjunction with chains or cables to secure Motor bikes - trailers- Jet skis- Boats
    NZ$74.75 EA
    NZ$65.00 excl GST
  • Trailer Backing Guide
    Hassle free trailer hook up every time - Prevents damage to the bumper
    NZ$96.60 EA
    NZ$84.00 excl GST
  • NZ$1.00 EA
    NZ$0.87 excl GST
  • NZ$100.00
    NZ$86.96 excl GST

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