Car and caravan security devices are an effective method to prevent vehicle theft

If you own a vehicle, you must have probably run into situations where you wished your vehicle was more secure. With the increase in the number of crimes related to vehicles, it is of utmost importance that vehicle owners pay attention to the security of their vehicles in order to prevent it from getting stolen. Every year around 50000 vehicles are reported missing in New Zealand alone and the number of unreported ones can go up even higher. Thus it is the responsibility of the owners to ensure that they take all the steps required to ensure the security of their vehicle when it is left unattended.

There are present a variety of security measures to make sure your vehicle is secure and stays in the same place exactly where you left it. This can be done by wheel clamps, anchors, cables and locks. These preventive measures ensure your vehicle is completely grounded when you leave it and is virtually impossible for anyone to drive away with. We at Stolenz, offer you a wide variety of the most modern security devices available for your vehicles.

Vehicle security and us

Be it cars, bikes, trailers, caravans, boats or even a jetski, we have got you covered. We are your one stop destination for all types of security devices for your vehicles. We have different devices for each type and make of your vehicle which makes sure your vehicle is properly grounded and secure. All these devices are catalogued on our website and visitors can feel free to browse through them.

Preventive devices for theft

Wheel clamps are an effective way to deter thieves as they are bright in color and visible from a distance. The clamp latches on to the spokes or spikes of your wheel and prevents the vehicle from moving. Clamps can be used in a wide variety of vehicles like cars, caravans, trailers, heavy vehicles, bikes, etc. Our clamps range from wheel clamps, triangle wheel clamps and disc clamps.

Our wheel clamps come in

Chains and locks are another effective method to eliminate theft. They can be used for attached vehicles like trailers, caravans, boats, etc. These locks are used at the junction of two vehicles, which make it impossible for thieves to detach the second vehicle and making a getaway with it. We offer

Security cables are another effective way to lock vehicles for good till the owner comes back. They are generally used for lighter vehicles and mostly two wheelers like bikes, cycles, mopeds, etc. They tighten around one wheel which makes the vehicle unable to go forward. We offer cable locks of the following types

Responsible owners take responsible security measures

Thus, these types of vehicle security devices are a boon for vehicle owners who often have to leave their vehicle lying unattended for a good amount of time. They act as effective deterrents for thieves and also make it impossible for anyone to simply drive away with the vehicle. Get in touch with us now for the best vehicle locking systems.