• Alloy Wheel Clamp Large
    Designed for mag wheels - Rubber mounted - fit 185mm wide tyre to 255mm wide tyre
    NZ$ 350.00
  • Alloy Wheel Clamp Small
    Designed for mag wheels - rubber mounted - fit 140mm wide tyre to 185mm wide
    NZ$ 330.00
  • High Security Disc Clamp
    wheel clamp for mag wheels and alloys fit 10" - 18" rim - Tyres width 110mm to 265mm - easy fit
    NZ$ 299.00
  • SAS Wheel Clamp 08 inch
    wheel clamp - fit tyres up to 200mm wide - idel for trailers
    The most important purchase you will make towards protecting your boat is a Safe And Secure SAS Wheel Clamp from Stolenz. It is one of the most effective methods of keeping your boat or trailer safe and is NZ insurance approved.
    NZ$ 330.00
  • SAS Wheel Clamp 11 inch
    wheel clamp - fits 200mm - 275mm wide tyres
    NZ$ 350.00
  • Triangle Wheel clamp
    Car security : parking offences
    NZ$ 379.50
  • Wheel Clamps for Sale
    Universal wheel clamps for cars, quads, caravans, trailers, lawn mowers
    fit 8" to 18" rim
    up to 270mm wide tyre
    NZ$ 45.00